Complete Photoshop Course

by @ashvircreations

B a s i c – I n t e r m e d i a t e L e v e l – A d v a n c e d L e v e l

All in One

Learn Photoshop with my secret tricks & tips to speed up your Editing Game.

25 Lessons

Learn lessons step by step from Day-1 to Day-30

Guarenteed Leaning

You will learn Photoshop from scratch to advanced.

Creative Instagram Posts

Learn Photoshop & turn up your Social Media Influencing Game on Instagram.

Learn PS Tricks & Tips

You will learn my personal secret photoshop tricks to speed up your editing game.

Course Curriculum

W E E K – 1 (Beginner Level)

📹 1. Introduction to Tools

📹 2. Introduction to all Menus, which are necessary

📹 3. Learnig the Art of Layers

📹 4. Magic of Adjustment Layers & Adjustment Tools

📹 5. Shortcuts that Speed Up Your Editing Game

📹 6. Creating Your Own Shortcuts

📹 7. Preference Settings You Need to Change for the First Time After Installing Photoshop

W E E K – 2 (Intermediate Level)

📹 8. Cutting Out Portrait or Selecting Photo

-> Using Quick Selection Too

-> Using Lasso Tool

-> Using Magic Wand

-> Using Polygonal Lasso Tool

-> Using Magnetic Lasso Tool

-> Using Object Selction Tool

-> Using Automatic Selction Tool

-> Using Pen Tool

-> Cutting out Photo from Messy Background

📹 9. Cutting Out Hairs or Selecting Hairs

-> Selecting Your Hairs with Quick Selection Tool in Plain Background

-> Selecting Your Hairs with Refine Edge Tool or with Select & Mask Option.

📹 10. How to Change Background in Photoshop

W E E K – 3 (Intermediate Level)

📹 11. Removing Pimple, Acne, Blemishes from Face in Photoshop

📹 12. Smoothening Skin with Mixer Brush Tool

📹 13. Changing the Color of Dress or Anything

-> With Hue/Saturation Tool

-> With Selection Process

-> With Color Replacement Brush

📹 14. Removing the background with Eraser Tool

-> With Background Eraser Tool

-> With Magic Eraser Tool

📹 15. Master the Liquify Tools

📹 16. Master the Blending Modes

📹 17. How to Remove Anything From Photo

-> How to Remove People from Photo

-> How to Remove Watermark from any Photo-> How to Remove Text Watermark from any Photo

📹 18. How to Use Layers & Masks in Photoshop

📹 19. Master the Levels & Curve

📹 20. Adding a Text to Photo with Creative Effect

📹 21. Introduction to Filter Menu

W E E K – 4 (Advanced Level)

📹 22. Advanced Professional Dodging & BurningType-1

-> Dodge & Burn Technique with CurvesType-2

-> Advanced Dodge & Burn Technique with Blending OptionsType-3

-> Manual Dodge & Burn Technique with Dodge & Burn Tool with Grayscale

📹 23. How to Create Realistic Shadows in Photoshop

📹 24. Mastering the Camera Raw Filter in Photoshop

📹 25. Practical Realistic Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

Bonus – 1

You will get Free

Top 10 Camera Raw Presets

of All Time.

Bonus – 2

You will get Free

Top 10 LUTs

of All Time.

Unlimited Access to Course

You will be able to access our course for lifetime.

No Specific Skills Required to Learn Photoshop

Only a basic computer skills are requires to learn the photoshop from beginner to advanced.

What is the Carrier in Photoshop ?

You can be a Graphic Designer, Professional Photo Editor, Visual Editor, Instagram & Other Social Media Influencer & Much More. Scopes are Endless. Just start learning Photoshop.

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